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You can now leave cushions and squabs outside all year round with the minimum of maintenance.

Reticulated Quick Dry Foam unlike normal foam has large open pores which permit maximum water

 drainage and air circulation allowing quick usage after being wet or even saturated.

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Quick Dry Foam

Care and maintenance of ready made squabs using Quick Dry Foam :-

These squabs can be left outdoors all year round, however like everything they will need to be kept clean with frequent brushing to remove loose dirt and dust that can ingrain itself in the fabric and go mouldy.

If the squab is sitting on a solid base, like concrete or wood and can't drain properly, the squabs need to be stood on end to allow water to drain to the lowest point and be squeezed out. If the squabs are left in stagnant water algae and mould can harm the fabric.


Foam Prices

Quick Dry Foam is a new superior outdoor product and is more expensive than normal upholstery foam, but well worth the investment for the quality and the peace of mind.

As an example these 2 Red outdoor seating squabs are made in 2 pieces of foam 1300cm x 600cm x 100cm.

Total = 2600cm x 600cm x 100cm.

Quick Dry foam is approximately 50% more expensive than standard foam.


For Normal Foam

Foam cost 1 piece =$133.00

Foam cost 2 pieces =$266.00

For Quick Dry Foam

Foam cost 1 piece =$200.00

Foam cost 2 pieces =$400.00

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