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Coolum Collection

Coolum - $77.00 per metre

Width - 140cm,

Pattern Repeat - 17.5cm Vertical, 17.5cm Horizontal,

Pattern matched - Yes

100% Olefin,

Rail Roaded - No

Coolum Ash Fabric
Coolum Ash

Fabric Coolum Ash Reverse
Ash Reverse
Coolum Lime Fabric
Coolum Lime

Fabric Coolum Lime Reverse
Lime Reverse
Coolum Lobster Fabric
Coolum Lobster

Fabric Coolum Lobster Reverse
Lobster Reverse
Coolum Marine Fabric
Coolum Marine

Fabric Coolum Marine Reverse
Marine Reverse
Coolum fabric collection
Coolum Melon Fabric
Coolum Melon

Fabric Coolum Melon Reverse
Melon Reverse
Coolum Stone Fabric
Coolum Stone

Fabric Coolum Stone Reverse

Stone Reverse
Coolum Sunshine Fabric
Coolum Sunshine

Fabric Coolum Sunshine Reverse
Coolum Sunshine Reverse
Coolum Turquoise Fabric
Coolum Turquoise

Fabric Coolum Turquoise Reverse
Turquoise Reverse

Tulum - $77.00 per metre

Usage: General Domestic/Drapery
Fabric: Sun Dec
Composition: 100% OLEFIN
Pattern Repeat: H:35CM x V:25CM
Railroaded: No
Width: 140cm
Fabric Tulum Ash
Tulum Ash
Fabric Tulum Lobster
Tulum Lobster
Fabric Tulum Marine
Tulum Marine
Fabric Tulum Melon
Tulum Melon
Fabric Tulum 
Fabric Tulum Ocean
Tulum Ocean

Tulum Stone
Fabric Tulum Palm
Tulum Palm
Fabric Tulum Pumice
Tulum Pumice
Fabric Tulum Sand
Tulum Sand

Avoca - $77.00 per metre

Width - 140cm,

Pattern Repeat - 24cm V, 17.5cm H

Pattern Matched - Yes

100% Olefin,

Rail Roaded - No

Avoca Ash Fabric
Avoca Ash

Avoca Melon Fabric
Avoca Melon
Avoca Lime Fabric
Avoca Lime

Avoca Stone Fabric
Avoca Stone
Avoca Lobster Fabric
Avoca Lobster

Avoca Sunshine Fabric
Avoca Sunshine
Avoca Marine Fabric
Avoca Marine

Avoca Turquoise Fabric
Avoca Turquoise
 fabric Coolum

Merimbula - $77.00 per metre

Width - 140cm,

Pattern Repeat - 16.5cm V, 6cm H

Pattern Matched - Yes

100% Olefin

Rail Roaded - No

Fabric Merimbula Ash
Merimbula Ash

Fabric Merimbula Melon

Merimbula Melon
Fabric Merimbula Lime
Merimbula Lime

Fabric Merimbula Stone
Merimbula Stone
Merimbula Lobster Fabric
Merimbula Lobster

Merimbula Sunshine Fabric Merimbula Sunshine
Merimbula Marine Fabric
Merimbula Marine

Merimbula Turquoise Fabric
Merimbula Turquoise
Boat Picture

Mallacoota- $77.00 per metre

Width - 140cm

Pattern repeat H:Stripe x V:13

Pattern match - Yes

100% Olefin,

Railroaded - Yes,

Fabric Mallacoota Ash
Mallacoota Ash

Mallacoota Melon Fabric
Mallacoota Melon

Fabric Mallacoota Ocean
Mallacoota Ocean
Fabric Mallacoota Lime
Mallacoota Lime

Mallacoota Stone Fabric
Mallacoota Stone

Fabric Mallacoota Palm
Mallacoota Palm
Mallacoota Lobster Fabric
Mallacoota Lobster

Mallacoota Sunshine Fabric
Mallacoota Sunshine

Fabric Mallacoota Pumice
Mallacoota Pumice
Mallacoota Marine Fabric
Mallacoota Marine

Mallacoota Turquoise Fabric
Mallacoota Turquoise

Fabric Mallacoota Sand
Mallacoota Sand
Fabric coolum

Mykonos - $77.00 per metre
Usage - Heavy Domestic / General Comm
Composition - 100% Polypropylene
Pattern match - No
Pattern repeat - Plain
Railroaded - Plain
Width (cm) 150
This stylish washable and durable indoor or outddor fabric is perfect for
sunny window seats and dining squabs.

MyKonos Fabric
Mykonos Cascade

Mykonos Driftwood

MyKonos Fabric
Mykonos Lobster

MyKonos Fabric
Mykonos Palm

MyKonos Fabric
Mykonos Sand

MyKonos Fabric
Mykonos Cloud

Mykonos Forest

MyKonos Fabric
Mykonos Melon

MyKonos Fabric
Mykonos Pewter

MyKonos Fabric
Mykonos Seafoam
MyKonos Fabric
Mykonos Cobalt

Mykonos Glacier

MyKonos Fabric
Mykonos Navy

MyKonos Fabric
Mykonos Port

MyKonos Fabric
Mykonos Stone
MyKonos Fabric
Mykonos Coral

MyKonos Fabric
Mykonos Jet

MyKonos Fabric
Mykonos Ocean

MyKonos Fabric
Mykonos Pumice

MyKonos Fabric
Mykonos Sunshine
MyKonos Fabric

MyKonos Fabric

Kona - $77.00 per metre

100% Olefin,

Pattern match - No,

Pattern repeat H: plain x W:plain,


Width 140 cm,

Fabric Kona Hibiscus
Kona Hibiscus

Fabric Kona Turquoise
Kona Turquoise

Fabric Kona Stone
Kona Stone

Fabric Kona Sand
Kona Sand
Fabric Kona Ash
Kona  Ash

Fabric Kona Cloud
Kona Cloud

Fabric Kona Ocean
Kona Ocean

Fabric Kona sunshine
Kona Sunshine
Fabric Kona Lime
Kona Lime

Fabric Kona Tan
Kona Tan

Fabric Kona Calippo
Kona Calippo

Fabric Kona Marine
Kona Marine
Fabric Kona Pebble
Kona Pebble

Fabric Kona Lagoon
Kona Lagoon

Fabric Kona Pumice
Kona Pumice

Fabric Kona Navy
Kona Navy
Fabric pic 

Minimum Order
The minimum order size is 1 metre of each fabric.
When buying more than 1 metre you can buy in 10 centimetre lengths i,e. 1.1 metres or 6.7 metres etc.
To Order please email:-
Please note, the colour may vary, depending on your computer monitor and colour settings.



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