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303 Products, protectants as recommended by Sunbrella
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303 Aerospace

303 AerospaceProtectant

Protect your expensive outdoor furniture, toys and accessories against the harsh New Zealand outdoor elements by spraying them regularly with 303 Aerospace Protectant. As the name suggests it was developed for the U.S. space program. This amazing product creates a non-greasy UV resistant film that protects, restores and beautifies any non-fabric surface like metal,  wood, plastic, vinyl, rubber, fibreglass and wicker.




303 Aerospace Protectant 

  303 fabric guard

303 Fabric Guard

Keep your beautiful cushions and squabs looking vibrant by simply spraying them regularly with 303 Fabric Guard. The easy to apply spray leaves a non-greasy waterproof coating that protects fabric against spills and stains. 'Sunbrella' recommend 303 Fabric Guard for use on their famous outdoor Sunbrella Furniture Fabric. If you wash and clean your squabs and cushions regularly and re-spray them with 303 Fabric Guard you will ensure a longer life for your furnishings.


303 Fabric Guard 


Outdoor Furniture 

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is protected against UV damage and corrosive salt air by spaying all vulnerable parts with 303 Aerospace Protectant, creating a non-greasy protecting film. If used regularly it will prolong the life of your furniture, a must for hotels and resorts.


Rubber Inflatable 

Rubber Inflatables

Rubber inflatable manufacturers recommend spraying 303 Aerospace Protectant on your boat to keep it soft and supple and ward against salt water and sun damage.


Plastic Curtains 

Clear plastic curtains

Clear plastic drop down curtains are restored to there original soft and clear state ( hose off dust, spray on 303 Aerospace Protectant, wipe off,

like new ).


Spa Pool Covers 

Spa pool covers

303 Aerospace Protectant keeps vinyl spa pool covers soft and supple.


Boat Gelcoat 

Boat fibreglass gelcoat

Powdered gelcoat is restored like magic in seconds with 303 Aerospace Protectant

( Wipe on, wipe off, done, gone fishing ).

  Outdoor Cushions and Squabs
Outdoor cushions and squabs

To keep your squabs and cushions water repellent spray regularly with 303 Fabric Guard.



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